D4J’s Mission is to:

1. Work to advance Human Rights and social justice issues across the health professions

2. Co-ordinate advocacy, research and action across medical and allied health professions

3. Monitor and respond to Government policy and practice on Human Rights and health

4.  Develop resources, training and mentoring for health professionals in medico-legal aspects of practice

5. Promote Human Rights awareness and practice in training of all health professionals

6. Confronting the ethical dilemmas faced by health professionals working or collaborating within environments where Human Rights are being violated

in order to advance Human Rights and to advocate for marginalised and vulnerable people

We do this by:

Engaging with professional bodies and government to advocate for policy statements and policy change

Researching, reviewing, documenting and publishing material the health effects if Human Rights violations on children and adults

Conducting training sessions for health professionals

Raising community awareness on behalf of those experiencing Human Rights violations

Partnering with Human Rights organisations to communicate, advocate and take coordinated action

Coordinating specialist involvement in advancing Human Rights

Campaigning against medical and health practitioner involvement in Human Rights violations

Supporting legislation, policy and best practice on health and Human Rights



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