Professor Louise Newman

Professor Louise Newman...

Adjunct Professor George Newhouse

George is the principal solicitor of the National Justice Project and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Macquarie University. He is well known for his work in fighting for justice for the mentally ill, LGBTI Australians, immigrants, prisoners, asylum seekers, youth detainees, and Aboriginal Australians.

Dr Sara Townend

Sara is an experienced GP working in Sydney. She works across a number of settings, including Bear Cottage Paediatric Hospice, & as a Medicolegal Advisor for MIPS. From November 2018, she will work in the GP clinic at the new Northern Beaches Hospital. She is the author of the "Open Letter to Peter Dutton" that 2300 doctors signed in 4 days to bring a refugee to Australia in June 2018. Twitter @sara_townend

Dr Jon Jureidini

Jon Jureidini is a child psychiatrist who also trained in philosophy (PhD, Flinders University), critical appraisal (University of British Columbia) and psychotherapy (Tavistock Clinic). He is a professor in the Disciplines of Psychiatry and Paediatrics at the University of Adelaide. He heads Adelaide University's Critical and Ethical Mental Health research group (CEMH), which conducts research, teaching and advocacy in order to promote safer, more effective and more ethical research and practice in mental health; and the Paediatric Mental Health Training Unit (PMHTU), providing training and support to medical students GPs, allied health professionals, teachers and counsellors in non-pathologising approaches to primary care mental health --

Professor David Isaacs

David was born in London and has an identical twin brother, Stephen, who is a child psychiatrist. They went to different schools and once swapped schools for a day. David is Clinical Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW) and the University of Sydney. He has a post-graduate diploma in bioethics and has taught and supervised medical students in bioethics and has published extensively on bioethics. He heads the Health Assessment for Refugee Kids (HARK) Refugee Clinic at CHW, which sees over 400 asylum seeker and refugee children a year. In late 2014 he went to Nauru to consult on children since which he has become a passionate and vocal advocate.

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